Lucrate Milk - もうかるミルク


I Love You Fuck Off

Lucrate Milk, est le groupe instigateur du mouvement alternatif français. Fer de lance de la mouvance No Wave et Post-punk, aucun groupe n’est autant représentant du DIY musical à la française. Sans chercher à devenir une légende, les Lucrate Milk, par une accumulation  d’évènements vont impulser une dynamique incroyable tout an ayant une carrière d’étoile filante. Quelques disques ont tout de même laissé des traces. Originellement paru en 1987, regroupant le EP "Lustiges Tierquartett" (octobre 1981) + le EP "Nepla Relou" (1983) + la face "Lucrate" du split avec MKB  (enregistré chez WW  en 1984) est réédité. Mais rapidement réépuisé depuis trop longtemps lui aussi.

Réédité en 2014, une première version numérique chez Atypeek Music et en vinyle translucide vert chez nos amis des archives de la zone mondiale. Cette fois, l’édition vynil n’a pas oublié "On the radiator". Avec un livret 48 photos pour les plus rapides.

Lucrate Milk (short for Lucrative Milk) are a French art punk and No Wave band from Paris, France. The band lasted from 1979 to 1983. The group has retained a certain aura to this day in France's punk circles due to their complete lack of compromise and influence on the French DIY scene. Sometime after the disband of Lucrate Milk, some of the former members formed the band Bérurier Noir and Les Négresses Vertes.

The band was formed in 1979 by two former milk delivery men, Lombrick Laul (bass player, and the future designer the band Bérurier Noir), and Masto Lowcost (born Tomas Huser, saxophonist and photographer),. The two began stenciling the band's name on the walls of Paris which led to the originality of their look and their approach. The band was later joined by American-born keyboardist and singer Nina Childress, percussionist Raoul Gaboni, and vocalist Helno (born Noël Rota). The story of the band was they originally started as joke and picked which instruments they hated the most, and often were known playing mainly in squats in the Pali-Kao plant of Belleville. The music was often called "Wild, dadaist, juvenile, and anti-commercial", and the band had been likened to UK based punk bands the Slits, Crass and The X-Ray Spex. With Laul and Nina's artistic backgrounds, The band also designed their own graphics and videos which often accompanied them when they played live.

The band's debut EP was the self-released vinyl Nepla Relou, which was later followed by a split with fellow French punk band MKB Fraction Provisoire, which had also featured drummer Raoul Gaboni in 1983. The band continued to play live supporting acts such as Einsturzende Neubauten before playing their last gig in February 1984 at the Théâtre du Petit Forum des Halles. A collected album from the first two EPs entitled I Love You, Fuck Off was released in 1987; another reissue of the band's music entitled La Qui Vache Rit was released in 1991. The latest self-titled compilation of Lucrate Milk's music was released in France in 2005, which included a DVD and a backstory of the band's success in the French punk underground. After the band's breakup, many of the members went on to form various other bands including Bérurier Noir. Nina Childress became a painter, and a member of the art collective the Frères Ripoulin. Helno (rechristed Helno Rota de Lourcqua) became the singer of Les Negresses Vertes; in 1993, he died of a heroin overdose at age 29.

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1/ No Kods
2/ Bocops
3/ La cloche
4/ Darling Husband
5/ James Bond
6/ Magnum
7/ Kick Your Ass
8/ Magic Mushrooms
9/ On the Radiator
10/ I Love You Fuck Off
11/ Nepla Relou
12/ Ricos (Tsé-Tsé)
13/ Fucking Pacifist
14/ Henshenklein
15/ Lustiges Tierquartet
16/ Three Blind Mice
17/ She Told Me About Leeds Permanent Building


I Love You Fuck Off
Version Digitale

I Love You Fuck Off
Version Vinyl vert