Owls Are Not - フクロウはそうではありません


There are bands who play songs and bands who create space with music. Owls Are Not deffinitely belong to the second category. Third release of warsavian band is entitled „isnot”.

The album is filled with original music and sound collages crafted from snippets of various media. Everything forms into surreal and politic audio play,  unsettling soundscape of world shaking in its foundations. Instead of vocals (except first track with Paco Serrano from Alfie Ryner), samples are storytellers at the record, bit like in plunderphonic or turntablism. „La prison” depicts a claustrophobic trap made by information overdose, „isnot a dog” reffers to training of both dogs and people, „arc de triomphe” is a story of apocalyptic, technological warfare. The last two pieces are „Kepler-452b” inspired by Andrzej Żuławski’s film „On the silver globe” about the necessity of escape into the New Earth and abstract, dehumanized „isnot a human”. By its music, the album sounds like a meeting in a fallout shelter of People Like Us, Amon Düül II, Laibach, Suicide and Aphex Twin. Or saying it another way: it is very separate deconstruction of electronic dance music.

The album was recorded by Peter Cichocki (electronic) and Marcin Suliński (drums) with Paco Serrano (in one track). Among personages taking part in the project are Wojciech Kucharczyk (mik.music) and Staszek Koźlik, who mixed the album. The CD cover was designed be contemporary artists Daniel Rycharski and Anna Adamska (his grandmother), the digital cover’s designer is Christophe Feray.


"Owls Are Not are a band whose music could actually be described as groundbreaking"



"Ovo je prava katarzično-eksplozivna plesna glazba za sitne noćne sate nakon koje samo valja potražiti after-party s ambijentalnom laganicom." 9/10 (about „2”)



„Es ept wunderbar, dann erklingt plötzlich die Rhythmusfraktion einer scheinbar normalen Rockband, die jedoch von merkwürdigen Feedback-Schleifen heimgesucht wurde. Das sorgt für einen angenehmen, aber nervösen Groove.”  13/15 (about „2”)



The style of the band may be defined as a drum'n'bass arranged for punk/hardcore setting, which is extremely rare and aggressive mixture.

Unique and explosive mix of distorted bass, precise and dynamite drums with psychedelic electronic, which all create the very mesmerizing music ritual.

Idiomatic, abstract and furious. Those three words may be the best to describe original music of Owls Are Not (Warsaw, Pl). The trio presents unique and explosive mix of distorted bass, precise and dynamite drums with psychedelic electronic, which all create the very vivid music ritual. Both studio recordings and live performances are total sonic (and multimedia because of elements of visual and performative arts used on-stage) experience.

The style of the band may be defined as super fast club music (like footwork, drumnbass) arranged for punk/hardcore setting and sound structures rooted in experimental jazz. It is extremely rare and aggressive mixture. You can also hear complex rhythms taken from african and Caribbean music, concepts from 20th century minimal music (like Terry Riley, Steve Reich, John Adams), low frequencies of bass, rooted in modern club music.

The band has remarkable perforateve experience being part of international Match&Fuse project with whom it toured through Great Britain, Italy, France, Norway and twice Poland. Owls were also running cycle of events "Punkstep Nights" which creates new field of music performances mixing live bands with dj sets, basing on band's ideas about live sound used for dance music. Trio also took part in London Jazz Festival (november 2013) and shared the stage with bands like Marc Ribot' Ceramic Dog, Jaga Jazzist, Bushmen Revenge, Trio VD.

First album of the band, "Owls Are Not What They Seem" was released online in 2012 and met positive feedback of blogosphere, music on-line magazines and radio stations. He became a pass for the international concerts.

Despite the cutting edge sound and bold compositions some of bands production were acclaimed by radio stations. Shorter version of "Black noise" from the  forthcoming "2" album) became song of the week at college radio station in Lodz (second biggest town in Poland) and is at main playlist of radio stations in Warsaw, Poznań, Roma (Italy).

Owls Are Not

Owls Are Not propose un mix unique et explosif de basse précise, de batterie explosive et d’électro psychédélique qui crée un rituel musical envoûtant. Le style du groupe pourrait être défini comme de la drum’n’bass arrangée à la sauce punk / hardcore, une mixture extrêmement rare et dynamique. Composé de musiciens expérimentés et explorateurs provenant de la scène underground de Varsovie, mixant successivement sons acoustiques et électroniques.


Warszawsko-bydgoski zespół wydawany przez francuską wytwórnię Atypeek Music. Zespół powstał w 2011 roku w Warszawie jako trio, od 2014 roku działa jako duet perkusisty Marcina Sulińskiego i multiinstrumentalisty Piotra Cichockiego. Muzyka Owls to połączenie punka oraz elektroniki z odniesieniami w stronę muzyki współczesnej, jazzu nowoczesnego i drum’n’bassu. Zespół koncertował w Polsce, Wielkiej Brytanii (m.in. London Jazz Festival), Norwegii (Match&Fuse Festival), Francji, Włoszech. Dotychczas ukazały się 2 płyty grupy: „Owls Are Not What They Seem” (2012) oraz „2” (2015), a także 2 splity dokumentujące trasy koncertowe po UK i Włoszech („Live 2013″ i „Remixed”). W sieci krążą też remixy wykonane dla i przez Owls, m.in. na albumie „PL2UA” czy też kilka wersji utworu „Black noise”, który zresztą mimo szorstkiego brzmienia stał się utworem tygodnia w łódzkim Radio Żak.


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